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jiangxi heli environmental protection and technology co., ltd

jiangxi heli environmental protection and technology co., ltd was established in july 2008 and subordinate to fuye group. heli copper is located in yanshan industry zone, shangrao city, jiangxi province. the company has a registered capital of 85 million yuan, covers an area of 615 mu land, and has more than 400 employees, including 40 college graduates and 27 technical talents.

after several years of infrastructure and equipment installation, the production process has been established with a set of feed preparation system, two environmental protection shaft furnaces, two anode furnaces and a set of electrolysis system. being officially put into production in july 2009, it mainly uses regenerated electrolytic copper as raw material to produce electrolytic copper products by domestic advanced smelting process, and has the capacity of producing 50,000 tons copper cathodes. the company's total assets amounted to 1.658 billion yuan.

the company has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, innovation, harmony and development", constantly improving the management system to realize innovative management. in 2017, the company achieved industrial sales value of 2.617 billion yuan, with 264 million yuan tax payment, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. jinhui copper was awarded the honors of “excellent enterprise of jiangxi province”, “top 10 tax-paying enterprise”,  “taxpaying over 100 million enterprises” and “top 10 industrial enterprise”,etc.