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lbma responsible silver raw materials procurement statement

as lbma responsible silver member, jiangxi hefeng environmental protection and technology co., ltd. strictly adhere to the requirements of the lbma responsible silver guidelines, has established the management system, appointed the due diligence team, conducted due diligence on the supply chain, and established supply chain traceability system.

our company will conduct a risk assessment of the supply chain based on the results of the due diligence and eliminate cooperation with the supply chain involving the following acts:

1. human rights violations, including the use of child labor, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, widespread use of violence or other seriously anti-human rights forced labor, war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide;

2. provide direct or indirect support to illegal armed groups or to public or private security forces that illegally control mining areas, traders, other intermediaries, transport routes through the supply chain, or illegally collect or extort money or mineral products throughout the supply chain ("illegal armed organizations, public or private security forces");

3. concealing the origin of silver through bribery or fraud;

4. to comply with government tax requirements for extraction, trade and export of mineral products from conflict-affected and high-risk areas;

5. money laundering or terrorist financing;

6. funding conflicts;

7. engage in high-risk businesses such as weapons, gambling, antiques and works of art, sects and their leaders;

8. the beneficiary is a politically sensitive person or a wanted person;



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march 1st, 2020